Ingredients for dairy and cheese industry


Wide range of high quality ingredients
Starter Cultures
Direct starter cultures Lyofast produced by Italian company Sacco, one of the biggest biofactories in Europe, using the latest technologies and modern equipment.
  • Starter cultures for Cheese making;
  • Starter cultures for all kinds of fermented milk products;
  • Protective cultures for all kinds fermented milk and cheese products.
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Enzymes and antimicrobial preparations
For dairy and cheese-making enterprises, our company supplies enzymes and antimicrobials of the Turkish company Mayasan.
  • Milk-clotting enzymes for cheese and curd manufacture;
  • Lactase enzyme – for lactose hydrolysis in milk and dairy products as well as for making low–lactose products;
  • Antimicrobial preparations based on nisin and piramicin.
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Functional mixes based on milk protein
Functional mixes MEI®Lac based on milk protein are an ideal solution for production of curd, hard and processed cheese, yoghurts, fermented milk products, various desserts.
Owing to the increase of protein and dry matter mass fraction in milk MEI®Lac products allow to optimize the quality and properties of the finished products, to increase the yield, to reduce the production costs.
The combination of milk protein and hydrocolloids in the MEI®Lac compound in fermented milk products and processed cheese production promotes the formation of firmer, uniform structure, glossy surface, prevents syneresis and extends the shelf – life period.
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Emulsifying salts and buffer salts stabilizers
ADVANTA LLC supplies with emulsifying salts for processed cheese and phosphate-citrate complexes for increase of thermal stability of milk and dairy products.
The product range of TM “KF Solmix” has been specially developed for Russian market and covers the whole range of processed cheese from the traditional cheese (sausage cheese, spreadable cheese) to new types of cheese (imitation cheese, pizza cheese, etc.).
Innovative formula of emulsifying salts makes it possible to use any raw materials and to produce cheese of the highest quality.
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Rapid tests to detect antibiotics in Milk
ADVANTA LLC supplies with Rapid tests to detect antibiotics in Milk
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Verified suppliers
LLC ADVANTA works with large manufacturers of ingredients from around the world. Long-term cooperation with Sacco S.r.l., Mayasan Biotech, Koningshof GmBH and other manufacturers, distinguished by an innovative approach to product creation and responsible business conduct, allows us to always provide our customers with the most advanced solutions for the dairy and cheese-making industry.
Sacco S.R.L. – is Italian ingredients manufacturer and one of the largest biofactories in Europe  
Mayasan Biotech – Turkish cheese enzyme company since 1970
Koningshof GmBH – German manufacturer of additives for the food industry. Koningshof GmBH is known on Russian market with product line STABI for meat industry.
Service support
LLC ADVANTA is always ready to provide the proper support for your production to get the maximum effect from the use of our ingredients.
Developed logistics
  • A wide partner network for efficient logistics throughout Russia;
  • Flexible delivery times for ingredients tailored to customer needs;
  • Own warehouse infrastructure to maintain all necessary storage conditions for products.
Support of experienced Russian and foreign technologists
Technologists of LLC ADVANTA and our partner's experts are always ready to provide professional advice and assistance on all emerging issues of using our ingredients in production of any scale.
Production processes organization
  • Individual approach for each client
    The experience of our technologists and cooperation with manufacturers from Italy, Turkey and Germany, which have significant research resources, allow us to find solutions for each client.
  • Support in implementing new production ideas
    Understanding the needs of our customers and the peculiarities of the Russian dairy market, LLC ADVANTA is always ready to assist in the implementation of new production projects for import substitution, the development of new types of products, increasing the profitability of product formulations and others.
    The involvement of foreign experts and technologists from the company LLC ADVANTA allows you to choose the right combination of ingredients and formulations for products of any complexity.
  • Sanitation inspection and phage monitoring
    The production of quality products requires constant compliance with strict sanitary control conditions. The company LLC ADVANTA provides an assessment of the sanitary condition, as well as phage monitoring.
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