Water treatment, products and technologies

We offer technologies and reagents for treating water of industrial and urban purposes; scale formation, corrosion and biological contamination control; enhancing work efficiency of thermal power generating plants and back osmosis devices; organization of automatic control of reagent water treatment efficiency; environment protection from harmful industrial spillways.
Over 500 patented recipes and original technologies are effectively used in more than 100 countries in the sphere of chemical, petro-chemical, food industry as well as in metallurgy and in large and small-scale power engineering. The vast stores of chemical products and their application methods allow to select individual water treatment program for each customer in order to achieve maximum positive effect in using water resource in the technological process.
Owing to our updated system of storage and logistics, we guarantee flexible delivery time.
We are ready to secure the highest quality demands and are willing to work out original preferences of our clients.

Thanks to our modernized storage and logistics system we ensure flexible delivery time.
We offer not just goods but ready-made modern solutions to our clients.
We are ready to meet the highest quality requirements and are open to developing the original client preferences.
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