About the company


Limited liability company “ADVANTA” is a team of professionals that helps food processing enterprises to increase their advantages on the markets of Russia and the countries of the near abroad.
We don’t just offer our customers finished goods but also ready-to-use up-to-date solutions.
Our broad network of representative offices assures the efficiency of enterprises in all regions of the Russian Federation and the countries of the near abroad.
Limited liability company “ADVANTA” means innovatory developments, flexibility, mobility, and quality.


The testing and quality control of our products is carried out at modern innovatory industrial laboratories and R&D centres of our partners.
With our unique multi-stage system of quality checking our products, we are ready to implement any individual ideas and solutions of our customers,

Limited liability company “ADVANTA” carries on continuous work in:

Thanks to our updated storage and logistic system, we are able to guarantee flexible terms of delivery for the most unexpected intentions of our clients.


We carry out thorough checking and testing not only of the finished products we offer our clients, but of the raw materials they are made of as well.
The workshops, where the goods for our clients are manufactured, possess all the necessary quality certificates.
We also pay great attention to the sanitation and hygiene at production and logistic sites of our customers.


Limited liability company “ADVANTA” is a partner you can rely upon!
The great work experience of our team, meeting the requirements of our clients and confidence we gave won allow us to provide for the most unexpected preferences.

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