Functional mixes based on milk protein

Functional mixes MEI®Lac based on milk protein are an ideal solution for production of curd, hard and processed cheese, yoghurts, fermented milk products, various desserts.
Owing to the increase of protein and dry matter mass fraction in milk MEI®Lac products allow to optimize the quality and properties of the finished products, to increase the yield, to reduce the production costs.
The combination of milk protein and hydrocolloids in the MEI®Lac compound in fermented milk products and processed cheese production promotes the formation of firmer, uniform structure, glossy surface, prevents syneresis and extends the shelf – life period.
The MEI®Lac functional mixes can be used as the basic crude component in the manufacture of various products, and eliminate the producer’s dependence on seasonal fluctuation of the raw materials quality.

The advantages of using MEI®Lac products:
- yield increase by 20-40% in curd products manufacture;
- improvement of the finished product texture and structure;
- obtaining high viscosity of the final product;
- prevention of syneresis owing to the high binding capacity;
- reduction of nonmilk components usage;
- ability to manufacture products without whey release;
- cutting the production costs;
- lowering the production dependence from irregular fresh milk supply and low quality thereof.
- possibility of quality product manufacture in the event of complete absence of fresh milk.

The MEI®Lac functional mixes can be used not only in the traditional products manufacture, but they also allow to broaden the assortment owing to creation of new types of analogical products by using recombined raw materials, and to solve the problem of curd whey processing as well.
Our specialists have developed some recipes and technologies attractive to dairy products manufacturers, using the MEI®Lac functional mixes, such as cheese-cream (curd cheese), cheese of Brynza or “Feta” type, cheese for pizza, desserts and drinks from curd whey. The use of functional mixes based on the MEI®Lac milk proteins – is a simple and cost-effective method of making quality and tasty products


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