Sanitation and hygiene of food production

High level of the production hygiene is an indispensable condition of high quality products making. In order to ensure the final product safety from the viewpoint of microbiology at food industry enterprises, our company offers high quality detergents and disinfectants, as well as professional cleaning equipment and implements.
We guarantee the faultless quality of our products and provide a complex of services for achieving maximal results in the sanitation of your production facility.
Our skilled specialists are always ready to give competent consultations in the choice of detergents and disinfectants, in working out your sanitary-hygienic plans, and also assist in the selection and placement of any cleaning equipment, to carry out the start up and adjustment thereof and further service.
We feel confident that our long-standing experience will help you to make a correct choice of products.

The production sites where the goods are produced for our clients have all the required quality certificates.
Individual approach to each client and joint development of exclusive solutions.
Thanks to our modernized storage and logistics system we ensure flexible delivery time.
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