Food industry market trends


The market tendencies of the recent years, actively fueled by the Media providing information about "useful" and "harmful" ingredients used in production, consist in increasing customers attention to the food industry and in continuing of demand growth to the manufacturer about more transparency in the product composition.
The negative consequences of malnutrition (obesity, heard disease, diabetes and others) also pushed customers to convert to a new food culture based on the consumption of healthy products.
The natural food tendencies that have existed in one form or another since the advent of humanity, formed in the modern sense in the XX century in the United States of America and now, spreading around the world, it is actively gaining ground in Russia.

According to the Report of the International Marketing and Research Agency MINTEL, more than 70 % of the population is studying the information placed on the label before buying the item. «No GMO», «No nitrites/nitrates», «No artificial ingredients», «Clean Label» - these phrases have high importance for the customer and in most cases, its presence on the label contributes to the buyer choice in favor of more natural articles. 
Today, the main requirements to the product are the availability of label placed information for every category of customers. The product composition should content little number of simple, natural and clear ingredients. The compliance with these three points ensures attention and demand for the production of modern manufacturers.
However, the use of natural components makes it very difficult for the manufacturer to create products, whose characteristics would correspond to the long before formed preferences of customers that are based on the use of artificial, chemical and less natural ingredients.

In the modern era of incredible rise in education, science and technology, manufacturers try to find different options to solve the above-mentioned problem. Using native properties of components, the products are manufactured in accordance with all three requirements to the natural ingredients.
The provision of safe and reliable solutions and individualized approach to every customer are our work priorities.
For more detailed information about the proposed solutions, please, visit the relevant sections of the web site of LLC ADVANTA.

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