Natural casings

Our company is a supplier of natural casings from manufacturers of the whole world and it actively participates in the work of the International Association of Natural Casing Sellers and Manufacturers (INSCA)

There is no need to talk about the advantages of the most natural sausage casing.
It is natural casing that has become a synonym of truly quality products.
Its diversity and naturalness – this is what attracts the consumer to the shop counter with sausage in natural casing.
Our managers have got long-standing experience of contacts with the most demanding clients, and our work with natural casing manufacturers of the whole world allows us to offer you exactly what you have been long looking for.
Apart from buying ready-to use goods and distribution of the products of the leading world manufacturers, we offer natural casings of our own making. Availability of our own production facilities allows, if necessary, to provide for individual approach to natural casing selection, depending on the clients’ requirements.
If you know exactly what product of a certain manufacturer you need – we shall deliver it from our warehouse; if you are still in search – our technologists will help you to select casings having the needed quality properties. Established relations will the leading manufacturers from Europe and South America allow us to meet the demands of any production line in full measure.

We offer:

  • beef casing from different manufacturers of South America (Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile);
  • hog casing (Europe, South America, Russia);
  • sheep casing (Russia)
With the help of a unique multi-stage quality control system of our products we are ready to implement any individual ideas and solutions of our clients.
The plants, where products are manufactured for our customers, have all the required quality certificates.
Our expanded network of representative offices supports the activity of enterprises in all the regions of Russia and the neighboring countries.
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